Hi! I'm absc, and I'm a programmer. Here you will find informations about me, my (some) open source projects and my gemlogs.


=> A no fuss gemini server

=> E-mail feeds conveyance

=> A library to easily deal with HTTP JSON APIs.

=> A grapical IRC client


=> My lab

=> The opinions bin

=> Honk Honk!

=> My italian localized capsule

Feeds for the WWW

=> Gemlog RSS feed

Interesting stuff

=> Skyjake capsule.

=> Project Gemini.

=> Gemini search engine.

=> A gemlog/blog directory.

=> Yumh capsule.

=> Freezr capsule.

=> The hellomouse project.

=> Remy Noulin's capsule

=> Remy Noulin's RFC list

=> Ben K. capsule


Email: a@abiscuola.com

PGP: 68EF 1E52 0016 4390 8F5F B9E0 7727 0CEC 1DC9 D74D

Fediverse: @absc@clacson.abiscuola.com

XMPP: absc@jabber.abiscuola.org